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Wool Blend Carpets

Wool blend carpets

Wool blend carpets have multiple properties which make them one of the best options for both residential and commercial purposes. Apart from factors like your lifestyle and budget, it is important to pay attention to the wool fibre you choose. Wool mix carpets are made from great quality materials that not only enhance your home decor but provide essential benefits too. 

Wool is a natural material that has been used for different purposes for more than 2000 years. Their longevity and durability are remarkable. Wool and nylon blend carpets are a type of hybrid used to enhance properties of the carpets like longevity and durability. There are innumerable wool mix carpets to fit your budget and requirements including a blend with silk, cotton and nylon. Wool carpets are highly comfortable and most importantly eco-friendly. This gives a great competitive edge to wool blend carpets over others in the industry.

Types of Wool Mix Carpets 

We will look into three different types of wool blend carpets and their respective utilities to help you decide better: 


  1. Wool and Nylon Blend Carpet - The basic idea for mixing natural and synthetic materials is to enhance the quality and keep favourable prices. Wool carpets have excellent longevity while nylon carpets are easy to clean. Woollen fibre carpets are anti-bacterial while nylon fibre is stain-proof. Hence, it is easier to maintain the appearance of a wool and nylon blend carpet for longer and maintain easily. They can withstand heavy footfall regularly and still be in an excellent condition. These hybrid mixes have high resiliency and offer great comfort and softness at the same time.
  2. Wool Cotton Blend - Cotton rugs are a great option to cover smaller surface areas like kitchens, hallways, or stairways. Cotton fibre has the ability to hold and lock dyes and it is highly versatile. However, it is highly unlikely for cotton to exist in itself due to its high price, and so is often blended with natural wool. Wool cotton blend rugs are available in multiple colours and ranges of designs. They elevate residential and commercial style quotients effectively.
  3. Wool and Silk Blend - While silk fibre is more lustrous and delicate, wool carpets have a flat appearance. Both of them have their own and unique properties that make both these materials a great carpet option, especially for commercial purposes. Large wool and silk blend area rugs have beautiful designs and imprints on them. These spark up living spaces beautifully. Their qualities speak for themselves and their features are best understood on application over the years. 


Benefits of Wool Blend Carpets 

Here are some of the greatest benefits of decorating living spaces with wool blend carpets: 

  1. Flame-Retardant - The blend of wool and cotton carpets are repulsive from fire. These  type of carpets can catch fire but do not support flames. Moving the carpet away from the source of fire will allow them to self-extinguish themselves. Wool and cotton can hold immense amounts of moisture which explains the property of flame-retardant.
  2. Water-Repellent - Wool and silk blend area rugs are made of fibres that are naturally water-repellent due to waxy coatings. These carpets can successfully eliminate moisture quickly. It helps to keep the carpets warm and dry.
  3. Excellent Insulators - Wool blend carpets have excellent insulating properties and help to regulate the temperature around living spaces. The natural fibre used for these carpets has low static electricity and many other features that add a lot more than beauty to your homes.  
  4. Hypoallergenic - Since wool mix carpets are easy to clean, harmful pollutants stand no chance to survive on the surface areas. Wool blend carpets are one of the safest options when it comes to the well-being of your family and guests.
  5. Flexible & Durable - Wool mix carpets are elastic, resilient and highly reliable. Wool carpets are one of the finest carpet fibres. Their composition is similar to that of coil spring that allows wool carpets to withstand heavy pressure for years. They are so flexible even after heavy traffic that they can maintain an aesthetic appearance for years on end. 

Choosing the right blend of carpets

Choosing the right blend of carpets for your living spaces depends on a number of factors including the surroundings and the well-being of residents. These outstanding wool blend carpets are the primary choice for every household. Different qualities and features not only add to the beauty of your living spaces but provide outstanding benefits as well. 

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Len likes to personally attend and inspect your property, whether commercial or residential,
offering free measurement and quotation for a perfect flooring solution.

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