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Wool Carpets

Wool Carpet

Thick wool carpet is known for their remarkable quality and durability. Wool is one of the most popular carpet options due to a number of favourable properties. They are luxurious and hence, an easy and great choice for residential and commercial sectors.

Wool blend carpets can withstand a lot of traffic and pressure due to the fibre used. Also, these carpets look aesthetically beautiful and serve as a great home decor option for hospitality. The carpets have great retention properties that keep them durable for many years when properly maintained.

There are a number of reasons why wool blend carpets are the best option for home and interior decor. Choosing a new floor carpet can be a difficult task when you have to keep several factors in mind. The wide range of materials and styles to choose from can get overwhelming. 

Types of Wool Carpets 

There are two different types of wool carpets: 

  1. 100% Pure Wool Carpet - String wools come from the finest breed of sheep from around the world, like New Zealand wool. The quality of the wool is luxuriously soft, tough and has a unique texture.

  2. 80/20 Wool Mix Carpets - These carpets are often blended with other fibre materials than wool to enhance certain properties of the carpets. Since the composition consists of a mixture of wool and other materials, the name is derived from the same. 

Benefits of Wool Carpets 

The many benefits of wool nylon blend carpets can be best experienced over the years when you do not have to frequently invest in changing carpets. Not to mention that wool is a renewable resource making it enviromentally friendly. Here are some of the finest properties of wool carpets that offer great comfort and benefits. Let us take a look at them: 

  1. Ultimate Renewable Fibre - There is an extensive supply of wool and the fact that it is a natural product makes it the ultimate renewable fibre. It is always accessible within a gap of 9-12 months.

  2. Biodegradable Product - Wool carpet can return to nature as easily as they are provided to us by nature. They are composed of amino acids and can break down to offer potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen to plants when mixed in the soil. So, wool carpet, even when dumped, give way to life and offer food to plants.

  3. Flexible & Durable - Wool carpet is elastic, resilient, and highly reliable. Wool carpets are one of the finest natural and synthetic fibres. Their composition is similar to that of coil spring that allows these carpets to withstand heavy pressure for years. They are so flexible even after heavy traffic that they can maintain an aesthetic appearance for years on end.

  4. Flame Retardant - Wool is a flame-retardant material. which means that it will catch fire but not support the flame. So, when you remove the source of the fire away from your wool carpet, it will self-extinguish due to the moisture it holds within. So, cigarette burns and minor fire splats do not harm wool carpets.

  5. Warm, Cool, Cozy & Comfortable - Wool carpets have the best insulating properties that come of use throughout the different seasons. The unique chemical composition of wool carpets allows them to regulate your home’s temperature manually. So, you have a cool surrounding on warm summer days and a warm, cosy setting on a chilly winter day.

  6. Water-Repellent - It is also a naturally water-repellent material because wool fibre surfaces have waxy scales that overlap. This makes the wool carpet shower-proof. It is easily noticeable how quickly the droplets roll off the carpet fibres.

  7. Lower Static Electricity - Due to high water retention properties, wool carpets are poor in static electricity. This means that there is lesser dirt. Also, wool’s lower surface energy helps in keeping the carpets clean compared to other fibres.

  8. Hypo-allergenic - The wool carpet fibres hold minute dust particles until the carpets are cleaned or vacuumed. This reduces the chances of harmful pollutants floating in the air of your living space, thereby minimising the chances of allergies.

  9. Affordability & Comfort - Wool carpets offer more comfort than what they cost. They are safe and prevent accidents inside homes. These products are highly affordable and provide excellent comfort all year round. 

How To Choose Your Stylish Carpet Colours

There is no strict rule when it comes to choosing the right carpet colour. It all depends on your personal preferences and the overall décor of your home. If you want your carpet to stand out and be the focal point of your room, then you can choose a bolder colour or pattern. However, if you prefer a more subtle look, then a neutral coloured carpet would be a better option. You should also keep in mind the size of your room when choosing carpet colours – darker colours can make a small space feel even smaller, while lighter colours can help to brighten up a room and make it appear larger. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what colour or pattern will best suit your home.

Are Wool Carpets Stain Resistant

No carpet is completely stain proof, but wool carpets are more stain resistant than other types of carpet. This is because wool fibre surfaces have waxy scales that overlap, which makes the wool carpet water repellent. So, if you do spill something on your wool carpet, it will be less likely to absorb the liquid and cause a stain. However, it is still important to act quickly and blot the spill with a clean cloth to prevent it from spreading.

Types of Carpet Piles

Wool Carpet

Wool carpets offer innumerable benefits, which make them the top decoration accessories for residential and commercial spaces. Also, their natural properties like water resistance, high durability, biodegradable nature, 100% original material satisfaction, home insulation, sound absorption and fire-retardant qualities cannot be overlooked if safety is your priority.

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Len likes to personally attend and inspect your property, whether commercial or residential,
offering free measurement and quotation for a perfect flooring solution.

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