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Flooring Products

Carpets by Design offer a wide range of products and services to our customers. Our products include a diverse range of flooring options that will sit above the expectations that you have from us.

Homeowners that have previously worked with us sing praises of the quality of our carpets and vinyls. Len's knowledge in the industry to recommend the right flooring solution for their home.

Why Choose Us?

We offer an extensive variety of flooring options with over 200 different carpet designs and other flooring options for the end consumer to choose. The carpets inside your home play an important role in determining the aesthetics of the interior, which is why we make sure that your carpets are on point.

Full Inspection

We come out and do a full measure and inspection of your home or office, where Len will discuss with you the ideal flooring solution for your needs. The inspection will include an analysis of your current flooring choices, along with a detailed explanation of what is currently best for you. Len has had more than 20 years experience in the flooring industry and knows the right flooring option for your home or office.

Best Quality

The quality of the flooring products we provide are top notch. Whether vinyl tiles or carpets, we go above and beyond to make sure that the quality is in line with your expectations. The quality for all of our products is 100% guaranteed to meet your expectations.

Wool Carpet

Thick wool carpets are known for their remarkable quality and durability. Wool is one of the most popular carpet options due to a number of favourable properties. They are luxurious and hence, an easy choice for residential and commercial sectors. Wool blend carpets can withstand a lot of traffic and pressure due to the fibre used. Also, wool carpets look aesthetically beautiful and serve as a great home decor option for hospitality. The carpets have great retention properties that keep them durable for hundreds of years when properly maintained.

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Vinyl Planks or Vinyl Tile

Carpets By Design carry and install Vinyl Planks and Vinyl Tiles which can be used for both domestic and commercial areas.  

These products are very popular in lieu of other traditional flooring such as tiles and timber due to there high resistance to wear and tear and are more comfortable under the foot than a hard surface. 

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Nylon Carpets

Carpets are great for brightening up your home decor. They are made of different types of material that have different features and characteristics. Since nylon is the most popular type of fibre, nylon carpets are the best choice in residential spaces today. Nylon fibre carpets are highly durable and easy to clean and maintain, making them the top choice. It is your biggest choice to determine the quality of the carpet for your home flooring. The best nylon carpets are multifaceted and have a lot of features to offer.

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Wool Blend Carpets

Wool blend carpets have multiple properties which make them one of the best options for both residential and commercial purposes. Apart from factors like your lifestyle and budget, it is important to pay attention to the wool fibre you choose. Wool mix carpets are made from great quality materials that not only enhance your home decor but provide essential benefits too. 

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Solution Dyed Nylon Carpets

Nylon carpets often undergo the process of solution dye that enriches and modifies the carpet fibres. Solution-dyed nylon carpets have major differences in the fibre used when compared to carpets that are dyed with other methods. Solution-dyed carpets complement your interior decors and enhance the aura of home and offices spaces. They are made from synthetic quality materials or polyester which follows highly flexible carpet fibres.

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We carry a very large range of both nylon and wool carpets, starting from builders quality to high grade imported and domestically made floor coverings. Everything to suit your budget and style. Our focus is to offer you the best carpet solution for your application. When Len visits your home he will be able to recommend a carpet to match your home and budget. 'Carpets By Design' have over 200 different ranges and styles of carpet for you to choose.

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Vinyl flooring has been around for generations.  Vinyl is very easily maintained, durable and is available in many different patterns and designs with very realistic wood or tile designs.

When Len visits your home he will be able to recommend a vinyl to match your home and budget, get the look without the cost!!

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