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6 Reasons To Choose Carpet Over Vinyl Flooring

Carpet over vinyl

There are innumerable flooring options available in the market today. It can get really tough to decide which product can actually enhance the aura of your interiors. Some of the common tussles that occur are in between linoleum flooring, hardwood and new carpet flooring.

Each of these options has its own drawbacks and benefits. Nevertheless, beating all the odds, carpets have taken the driving seat for flooring options because they are luxurious, stylish, comfortable and elegant.

So, if you are wondering whether or not to choose new carpet flooring for your residential and commercial spaces, here are some great examples to help you through the process.

Some of the top reasons for choosing new carpet over vinyl flooring include:

  1. Safety - While linoleum flooring and hardwood are good in their own ways, the risk of slipping and hurting yourself is always present, irrespective of how good your flooring is. On the contrary, a new carpet is non-slip and a soft landing surface that offers safety compared to other flooring options.
  2. Noise Resistant - A room that has carpets for flooring and other purposes will be much more noise resistant than a room with any other flooring products. Soft new carpets can absorb sound unlike hardwood where the sound tends to keep bouncing off and create a disturbing echo.
  3. Style - There is a new designer carpet for all your purposes. Whether you want to redecorate your office flooring or your home, there is an appropriate design made to fit your personality. There are soft bedroom carpet, living room luxury carpet, regular use carpets for hallways, office floors, stairways and more. When you choose the perfect new carpet for your living or working space it helps in recreating an entirely different feel. Some common styles of new carpets are short-pile, patterned and long frieze for your flooring options. Also, they are available in multiple colours and textures.
  4. Resilient - Carpets do not break, scratch, or make noise. They are highly valuable for the money you invest in superior flooring. New carpets are durable, secure, warm, and offer great resiliency irrespective of whether or not you have playful fur buddies. However, it is essential to check with professionals before installing new flooring to get the right carpet for your floors.
  5. Cost-Effective - There are a variety of price ranges and qualities for each product. It is the same for carpets. Nevertheless, new carpets offer all the brilliant features you expect and are comparatively less expensive than hardwood or linoleum flooring. So, it is one of your best flooring options.
  6. Comfort & Warmth - Carpets are excellent insulators and can retain warmth for a long time. So, you can easily and comfortably lie down on your new carpet floor and read your books or anything you like. Thicker carpets have higher insulation features and carpets are naturally soft. Great flooring combination for all purposes.

Carpets can enhance the beauty of your home or workspace exceeding your own expectations. Nonetheless, it is always important to research thoroughly before installing the perfect new carpet flooring for your zen space.

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Arrange a Free Measure & Quote

Len likes to personally attend and inspect your property, whether commercial or residential,
offering free measurement and quotation for a perfect flooring solution.

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