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The Do's and Don'ts of Choosing a Carpet

Do's and Don't

Buying a carpet for your home can be overwhelming due to the abundance of decisions and choices that are on offer.

The key is to take your time and get your research done. Find the right retailer to make your task manageable and help you select a carpet you will love for many years down the line. But there are certain do’s and don’ts of purchasing a carpet.

For instance, an underfoot downy carpet is highly comfortable as compared to a rough stone or cold tile, while wall-to-wall carpeting is a favourite for dens or bedrooms. However, choosing the best carpets on the market can be a hassle when you are unsure of where to start.

So, here are certain "Do's and Don’ts" of choosing a carpet for your space.

The Do’s of Purchasing a Carpet

Have a Budget

While buying carpets is a traditional wallet-friendly option as opposed to materials like natural stone or hardwood, there are massive ranges of cost options as far as carpets are concerned. You can always purchase the cheapest option in the market, but you must know that it will hamper the longevity and durability of your carpet. So, the brands that offer super cheap products are carpet brands to avoid. Have a budget. Prioritise and consider your options wisely.

Consider the Colour

The right colour still remains one of the main allures of carpeting. The market offers you a huge range of options and hues to choose from. So, make sure you invest after the careful consideration of your home as this is a long-time investment. Also, opt for a neutral colour that will go with all pieces of furniture that you have, and also keep in mind ones that you will buy in the future. Going for a muted neutral is the safest option, but a vibrant piece and also creates magic.

Understand the Warranties and Fibre

Carpets might seem like a major investment for many people. So, make sure that you have a carpet buying guide that keeps you ready for all situations. For instance, several carpet warranties do not include stairs. Thus, before you purchase one, look for one that offers a warranty on stairs. Even if you do not use them, warranties are demonstrative of a manufacturer’s faith in their product. The lack of comprehensive coverage in a warranty demonstrates the prudency of a manufacturer in their product.

Get Multiple Quotes

Prices of carpets might significantly vary from one retailer to another. So, once you have made a choice, try getting prices from more than one retailer. Ensure that the price includes everything you need like installation charges and GST. Since you are looking for a one-time investment, be sure of the underlay and the taxes you pay.

The Don’ts of Purchasing a Carpet

Neglect Carpet Texture

A traditional plush is the most chosen type of carpet. However, when it comes to carpets, you can deviate from the normal path. Try something different with natural fibres like seagrass and sisal or a non-traditional choice like coir. Creativity can be an integral part of the process.

Don’t Focus on Face Weight

It is not a great idea to focus too much on the weight of your carpet pile or face weight measured per square-yard in ounces. Some of the carpet brands to avoid are the ones that lay a lot of importance on the face weight of the carpet and use it as a selling point. Consumers often have a misconception that carpets with more face weight offer better quality. That is not true in most cases. Concentrating on the pile weight of the carpet might often lead to you purchasing one that does not cater to your requirements.

Don’t Compare Prices for Different Products

An important point in the carpet buying guide is never to compare the prices of two different products. If you are comparing the price of carpets from two companies make sure that they are of the same quality and design. If not, you are not giving the traders a fair chance for business or yourself the benefit of knowing which company has the best price to offer.

Purchasing a carpet can be a hassle. Nevertheless, with the right knowledge of the best carpets in the market can make it a lot easier. Get your homework done and be clear with your requirement. Pick wise and spend wisely.


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Len likes to personally attend and inspect your property, whether commercial or residential,
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