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Should I Choose Carpets or Vinyl Flooring?

Carpet over vinyl

There are very few similarities when choosing between affordable flooring options like vinyl planks and new carpets. The only things common between these two types of flooring are the vast range of colours. Also, vinyl flooring and carpets are cost-effective when compared to hardwood.

Both vinyl planks and new carpets have different benefits and drawbacks to offer. Since each home is unique in its own way, it is essential to match your flooring to suit your personality and the application.

Here are some essential features to help you evaluate between vinyl planks and new carpets before choosing either of the options for your flooring:

New Carpets

New carpets are highly durable but there are chances of it getting torn or stained, which can sometimes be irreversible. Also, while considering carpets as your flooring option, keep in mind that they are not at all waterproof. For cleaning purposes, consider using a sweeper or a vacuum. There are specialty products available for deep cleaning your carpets. It is recommended that your carpets cleaned professionally every 6 to 12 months depending on the carpet and application.

Stain-resistant carpets are available and as it is difficult to avoid stains in everyday life, this is an added advantage. New carpets are one of the most comfortable types of flooring. These are highly pet-friendly because they are warm and soft. Usually, the lifespan of a regular carpet is 5 years on average but high-end products can last over 25 years with proper care.

It is important to note that new carpets can hold pollen, dust and dirt. This is harmful and can cause allergies. Although allergy-friendly carpets are an option.

Vinyl Planks

Installing new flooring can be an expensive and time-consuming process so it is important that you make the right choice the first time. Vinyl planks are a great flooring option for your homes. These planks are durable and are able to withstand heavy traffic for years. Since vinyl planks are waterproof, you can easily install them in spaces of moisture accumulation without the fear of staining.

But it is noteworthy that vinyl planks are made from soft vinyl which is not totally damage-resistant. Vinyl planks can be subject to fading and should be protected from direct sunlight, which is a prime factor that causes the fading.

You must avoid wax cleaners for vinyl flooring. There are multiple options for cleaning your vinyl planks including dust mops, brooms, or vacuum. Vinyl planks are hard flooring options that do not stay warm. Planks are dust-resistant but can contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

Also, the most important to note that both vinyl flooring and carpets should be installed by a qualified flooring technician to achieve optimal results. Special tools and skills are needed to ensure a professional finish.

Carpets or Vinyl Flooring

In many ways, vinyl flooring has a lot of advantage over carpets. However, it is important for you to evaluate your needs, budget, surroundings, and other factors before coming to a final decision. Style your home with premium quality flooring for a stunning appearance. Both the flooring options come with a vast selection of beautiful colours. Mix and match your home with a colour that suits your personality.

As you learn the differences, similarities and features of vinyl planks and carpets, it becomes easier for you to choose one that makes a durable and safe flooring option.

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Len likes to personally attend and inspect your property, whether commercial or residential,
offering free measurement and quotation for a perfect flooring solution.

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